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 Vampire Deck - (Needs work)

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Vampire Deck - (Needs work) Empty
PostSubject: Vampire Deck - (Needs work)   Vampire Deck - (Needs work) Icon_minitimeMon Jul 22, 2013 9:57 am

I wanted to try using the new Vampire cards on Dueling Network
It's new and I don't know how the play, or how well they play,
I gave it a little standard zombie build using Pyramid Turtle,
Zombie Master, and Mezuki, stuff like that, still thinking about
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower and Zombie World.

Here is my deck list currently (Improvement Needed)
Vampire Deck - (Needs work) LyAxd01

I'd love some ideas of things to add and remove.(criticizing is allowed)

This is a test play of the deck so far.
Vampire Deck - (Needs work) IomYwkM

It was slow atm since I drew the 5s first, the Malefic Stardust saved me atm, but i'm still fuzzy about removing it.

I'd like all the help I can get with improvement on the deck, thanks. =x
Vampire Deck - (Needs work) Konachan-anime-yokune-ruko-332737
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Vampire Deck - (Needs work)
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