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 The Test.....

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Gagaga Sensei

Gagaga Sensei

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PostSubject: The Test.....   Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:30 pm

When you take this test you must consult me "Sensei" or another admin who does not want the label "Silent Magician"
Don't know who that is, ask around. When you answer these questions please PM the admin you asked or PM me please. Thank you and Have fun!

The first test will consist of these Questions:

Question 1: Player A: Attack with Dark Magician
Player B: Activate Mirror Force
Player A: Chain it with Trap Jammer

Could Player B still activate other trap cards like Magic Cylinder, or Negate Attack?

Question 2: Can Solemn Judgement negate another Solemn Judgement?

Question 3: If player A activates the Trap Card Gravity Bind, and then XYZ summons one Number 39: Utopia monster. Can he attack with Number 39: Utopia?

Question 4: If player A were to activate the trap card Call Of the Haunted, and then player B activates the quick spell card Mystical Space Typhoon, does Player A still special summon?

Question 5: So the continuous trap card Imperial Iron Wall is on the field, then player B activates Dimensional Fissure, and then a monster goes to the graveyard, does it go to graveyard or is the monster card removed from the field (Banished)?

Question 6: Can you use XYZ monsters for a Synchro summon?

Question 7: Player A summons a Cyber End Dragon with 4000 ATK and ends his/her turn. Then player B summons a Evilswarm Ophion with 2550 and then uses Forbidden Lance on Cyber End Dragon and then Forbidden Lance again on Cyber End Dragon, and then Attacks with Evilswarm Ophion, who wins?

Question 8: Does Ultimate Offering be used for Flip summons also?

Question 9: Player A summons a Prime Material Dragon and then plays the spell card Monster Reborn, in response to Monster Reborn Player B, with 8000 Life points, activates Solemn Judgement. Now how many life points does player B have?

Question 10: What is an Inherent Summon?

Question 11: If Player A activates Skill Drain, can player A Special Summon 2 Malefic Monsters?

Question 12: Player A play the spell card Super Polymerization, then send from the hand 2 Blue-Eyes White Dragons and then sends from the field one Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Can Player A Fusion Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon?

Question 13: How many Earthbound Immortals can be on there field?

Question 14: There are 2 cards on the field, those cards are Dimensional Fisure and Stardust Dragon. Player A controls Stardust Dragon and Player B controls Dimensional Fisure. Player B plays Dark Hole and Player A uses Stardust Dragons Effect. At the End Phase, does Player A get Stardust Dragon back?

Question 15: How many times can you Normal? (No effects, no spell cards, just the simple ruling.)

After you answer these questions you will be put to a dueling test. The first duel is not a duel, it is a test where you will be put to a test of rulings and see how you deal with High Atk monsters. The second, third, and fourth test is a match test against a Meta deck, so be prepared. You may use any deck, besides Exodia, on this test. If you get a bad hand on any of these tests, you may ask to shuffle your hand back into the deck and draw the same amount of cards you shuffled into the deck. If you have a problem with anything talk it out with your tester, but if you get angry you will be disqualified immediately.

You may only take this test once a week and must be a Dark Magician Purple dorm member.
If you are reading this and the ten spots in the Silent Magician dorm are taken, you can take this test then challenge a Silent Magician to a 2/3 duel and if you win, you switch dorms with the Silent Magician. If you lose you get down graded to a Dark Magician Girl Pink. There is a very big risk. Please be kind and have fun!!!

~Michael Kun
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PostSubject: Testing~~~   Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:04 am

I'd like to take the Test.

......( '_')
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The Test.....
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