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 Sonicriders iz here :3

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Sonicriders iz here :3 Empty
PostSubject: Sonicriders iz here :3   Sonicriders iz here :3 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 9:31 pm

so names sonicriders20x I originally got that game when the first ever sonicriders game dropped. well im pretty much a chill dude and I love running all kinds ah decks but exept da meta decks to much of them cyber deckies using the same shtuffs if ya know whut I mean so what else .... oh yea im also eh brony and do love the show but I aint one of dem cloper ones that do the pony porn Ima be honest man I checked that shit out and I didn't last like 10 seconds I just did it so I can say "hell ya I got that out the way" now I just do black ops videos and other cool shtuffs add me on DN same name on here but ah ya also I skateboard trying to get a few vids in der once the damn snow klears up also if ya need someone to talk ta ill be here so that's what im basically about so uh yea man just have a chillaxed time and don't let any one tell what you can or can`t do :3
Love N Tolerance
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Sonicriders iz here :3
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